Sustainable Development

The concept specifies the company’s mission and goals in respect of CSR, identifies stakeholders, depicts key programmes, outlines in-house collaboration formats, streamlines the reporting procedure and incorporates CSR efforts into the overall business process. As a result, our clients obtain an effective sustainable development strategy.

  • Creation of a CSR vision
  • Interaction with stakeholders
  • Reporting and information disclosure
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Reputation Management

Corporate reputation plays a key role among intangible assets, integral to the company's success and its market value. According to global research findings, 60% of all CEOs believe that corporate brand and reputation make up for more than 40% of their company's market value. Companies with higher reputations trade at higher premiums compared to average trading.

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Financial Communication

Effective financial communication is a key element when it comes to attracting and sustaining investor interest, maintaining optimal stock value and successful public or private sales or mergers. It also requires an in-depth understanding of the legal environment and investor expectations in every market, as well as the ability to develop a convincing narrative supporting the company's investing history.

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Public Opinion & Perception

Sociological Research, Communication Audit, Informal Research - All of the above studies are integral to understanding perceptual differences among all communication parties, and thus, to minimising errors when delivering the information.

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