2019 Survey on CSR Reporting in Europe. Progress is being made

Perception & Reality Square has recently completed a 2019 CSR reporting exercise for Europe. The focus of the study is to analyze trends and challenges in CSR reporting and the integration of sustainability objectives for European companies.

This annual survey, conducted for the second time, is an assessment of the current sustainability reporting status of 312 European companies included in 9 stock market indices. This year’s insights are very exciting and show an overall maturing of CSR communication. Yet, at the same time it appears there is still plenty of room for improvement.

Our goals were as follows:

  • Put together a smart database of best CSR reporting practices based on reports published by major public companies;
  • Identify problem areas in communicating corporate social responsibility information to the outside world;
  • Develop recommendations and tools to improve such communication.

If you are interested in the latest research findings, the questions raised in the study, and its application in your practices, go to the website csr-study.com or you can download the full report in German and English.